“Paul, I just found your site. I wanted to thank you for making such a great work available to so many. I know this has taken an enormous amount of time. Bless you for giving the gift of reading. Your program is superb.”

– Kay Bindrim, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

“Thank you kindly Paul. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a handsomer set of literacy guides in my life. … These look to me, in a way, like self-education material: that is: it’s for anyone from parent to teacher to pick up and use.”

– Robert Einarsson, Edmington, Alberta, Canada

“I have had a look at your website and free materials, and I commend you on your generosity and pedagogy. What struck me most is that you have created a series of dictations that are not the usual decontextualized spelling tests that students come to dread. They are instead fully contextualized, meaningful, high-frequency utterances that bridge oracy and literacy.”

– Nicholas Walker, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“You have made an outstanding contribution to reading instruction for students who fail with traditional methods and materials.”

– J Arthur Melanson, Denton, Texas

“I absolutely love the program you created and it is likely my answer to teaching a student who was tested and is unable to decode. It is so great that you have that writing piece and other programs do not have them write until they can read.”

– Michelle Giroux, Saranac Lake, New York

“I went to your website and love it!! So excited about showing the rest of the staff!”

– Darlene Shepherd, Rose Hill, North Carolina

“Literacy is so important in today’s world. Keep up your outstanding mission.”

– Joe Pizzo, Columbus, New Jersey

“Hi Paul – I like what you’ve got on your website. Sentence dictation is a very effective way to teach and reinforce sight words as well as to reinforce phonograms and other letter-sound relationships. Also, any strategy that gets students working with grammar and word order serves to reinforce the syntactic cueing system. I will make your website available to my students.”

– Andrew Johnson, Mankato, Minnesota

“I just checked out your site, and must say I am very impressed with your philosophy and your workbooks! Is it alright with you if I pass your link on to other education professionals so they can have access to your incredible resources?”

– Leanne E. Staback, M.Ed., Simi Valley, California

“Hi Paul, I had a look at your website. This is a tremendous resource. I think it will really help students who struggle with learning single words in isolation.”

– Gloria Feliciano, Moreno Valley, California

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