Sentences for Sight Word Dictation

For nine years, I taught reading and writing to children and adults in Los Angeles. At the end of each school term, all my students could write clear, coherent sentences and paragraphs that developed a central idea.

The dramatic improvement in their reading and writing skills over a single school term was attributable to the use of dictation exercises I developed to introduce and review the use of high-frequency sight words. Training in the whole-word recognition of sight words is clearly superior to phonics instruction for these words. Learning to recognize these words instantly by sight is essential to developing reading fluency and comprehension.

LISTEN, WRITE AND READ Sentences for Sight Word Dictation is a collection of the specific sentences I used for this instruction, arranged by grade level. A series of five activity books provide students with an illustration of each sentence. The illustrations were designed to have universal appeal to students of all ages. The illustrated sentences have been translated into Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Modern Standard Arabic, and Russian.

My primary goal is to help students on the threshold of literacy. I have written Volumes II and III following the same format as Volume I and preliminary designs have been made. Additionally, I want to continue to translate the LISTEN, WRITE AND READ activity books into as many languages as possible.

This work has been a labor of love.

Paul J. Wickham
Long Beach, California

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